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Transform your Oracle Fusion Cloud implementations

Solve gaps that are impacting your projects

Common Oracle Fusion Cloud Implementation Challenges 


  • Your customers find the Oracle Fusion Cloud User Interface too tedious

  • They feel that FBDI is too difficult and that ADFDI is too limited

  • There are concerns about data processing efficiency

  • Building custom solutions is too expensive for the customer

  • Oracle's quarterly patching creates maintenance challenges for custom dev

A better approach: Out-of-the-box tools for Oracle Cloud

API Wizard provides ready-to-go Excel Loaders for any data processing requirement that are extremely user-friendly and vastly superior to FBDI and ADFDI.  

The core benefits are:

  • Significantly better user experience than any Oracle tool

  • Significantly faster data entry, data updates, and reporting

  • Significantly less expensive than custom development

  • Rapid implementation and adoption

  • Easily configurable without programming

  • Products are supported through all of Oracle's patching

Read our detailed Whitepaper or let's meet and discuss how API Wizard can help your projects and customers

API Wizard offers: 

  • Trusted Solutions: Our software is used by hundreds of businesses worldwide, proving its effectiveness across a variety of industries.

  • A Rich History of Innovation: For over 14 years, API Wizard has been at the forefront of Oracle data processing solutions, continually evolving to meet the needs of our partners and their clients.

  • Extensive Solution Library: Access a comprehensive range of solutions tailored for Oracle Fusion Cloud Apps, designed for immediate deployment and quick configuration.

  • Expert Support: Our team of business process experts stand ready to assist, enhancing your project with deep Oracle knowledge and practical experience.

  • Timely Updates: With products updated to align with Oracle's quarterly patching cycle, our solutions are always current and fully functional.

We are here to help make your

projects more successful 

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