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Paychex, Inc.

Paychex uses API Wizard across the enterprise to save more than 3000 resource hours annually, streamline complex Oracle processes, and empower business teams to take care of their own data.  Paychex, an API Wizard customer since 2012, saves at least 3,000 resource hours annually by automating a wide range of Oracle E-Business Suite business processes.


With API Wizard, the Paychex I.T. team empowers business people across the company to quickly and accurately do their Oracle work in easy to use Excel interfaces.  This puts the data work in the hands of those who know the data best, while I.T. retains control over the Oracle processes and data integrity.

In addition to time savings and increased Oracle ERP data accuracy, Paychex notes that API Wizard has allowed people to shift their focus from data entry to higher value data analysis, decision making and action taking.

Paychex has streamlined more than 30 different Oracle business processes.  Some of the functional areas include Incentive Compensation setup and transactions, AP Invoices, Vendor Creation, New Hires, Purchasing. Receiving, AR Receipt Application, and Sysadmin tasks (responsibility maintenance, password resets, etc.). 

Representatives from Paychex presented to attendees of a recent OAUG Collaborate conference about their experience with API Wizard.  Please click here to see the slide deck.

OFS Brands

API Wizard helps OFS efficiently manage production operations in Oracle Manufacturing.  With API Wizard, OFS production schedulers use Excel to rapidly and accurately reschedule, group, and assign hundreds, or thousands, of jobs at a time in Oracle.  Work that used to take 8-18 hours the old way takes just 30-60 minutes with API Wizard.  This saves significant hours annually for schedulers, and keeps manufacturing running smoothly.

Representatives from OFS presented to attendees of a recent OAUG Collaborate conference about its experience with API Wizard.  Please click here to see the slide deck.


Rackspace improves customer service by simplifying multiple Oracle EBS processes.  A specific example is the creation and updating of Oracle service contracts.  Before API Wizard, this was a time-consuming, manual process that frustrated people, slowed response times, produced data entry errors, and made the service contract team regularly dependent on I.T. for technical assistance.  With API Wizard, the global service contracts processing team does its Oracle work in Excel, on its own, quickly and accurately, anytime.  API Wizard saves Rackspace over 100 resource hours every day  The I.T. team solved this Oracle data challenge for users and gracefully extricated itself from having to provide direct technical assistance, while maintaining complete control over Oracle data processing.

Rackspace presented on the benefits of using API Wizard at a recent OAUG national conference, their presentation is available here.  

Ciena Corporation

Ciena used API Wizard in its Oracle EBS 11.5.10 system, and now uses API Wizard in its Oracle EBS R12.  Ciena has streamlined more than 40 Oracle business processes for the benefit of people across the organization.Some of the functional areas where Ciena puts API Wizard to work include: Financials (AP, AR, GL, iExpense), Order Management, Procurement, Supply Chain Management, Oracle Advance Supply Chain Planning, Install Base, Service Contracts, and Trading Community Architecture.


API Wizard saves Ciena’s I.T. and business teams several thousand resource hours every year.  With API Wizard, Ciena’s business teams have regained at least 85% of the time that used to be spent getting data in and out of Oracle.  The I.T. team uses API Wizard to rapidly solve Oracle user challenges with a fraction of the technical effort it used to take.  API Wizard Excel solutions are fast and accurate for end users, while I.T. retains complete control over Oracle data processing.

A representative from Ciena presented to attendees of a recent OAUG Collaborate conference about their experience with API Wizard.  Please click here to see the slide deck.

TRAC Intermodal

Jameel, an Oracle developer, says: “API Wizard has been a great tool for TRAC.  We use a bunch of Excel Loaders for various departments.  I like API Wizard for these reasons:
•    Simplicity
•    Ease of deployment
•    Easy setup
•    Integrated Report Functionality.  This is very useful and we use it extensively.
•    Parameter Alias feature
•    Simple to add API fields to an existing Loader.  

•    Changing to API Field Name is a great feature."


Hear Keith, an Oracle developer, discuss how DEMDACO saves the Supply Chain team over 2,000 resource hours per year.  That's like getting a new full time employee without the expense of adding to headcount.

API Wizard provided DEMDACO with pre-configured Excel Loaders for 4 Oracle business processes.  Keith quicky tweaked them to precisely fit the business team's requirements.  Please ckick here to hear Keith's comments.



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