How Customers Use API Wizard


Hear from API Wizard customers, who wouldn't dream of going back to the old, slow ways of getting business data in and out of Oracle.

These and many other organizations around the world are using API Wizard to dramatically improve productivity and get more value from Oracle E-Business Suite.

We're here to help!

Paychex, Inc.


Paychex uses API Wizard across the enterprise to save more than 3000 resource hours annually, streamline complex Oracle processes, and empower business teams to take care of their own data.

Learn more about Paychex and API Wizard

OFS Brands

OFS users API Wizard to make its manufacturing operations run more smoothly.  Production planners save >90% of the time they used to spend scheduling and re-scheduling jobs.

Learn more about OFS and API Wizard


Rackspace users API Wizard for a range of processes.  One particular process, creating and updating service contracts, saves more than 100 resource hours every day.  

Learn more about Rackspace and API Wizard

Ciena Corporation

Cienna uses API Wizard across the organization to improve operations and increase data accuracy.  The IT and business teams save more than 85% of the time they used to spend getting data in and out of Oracle.

Learn more about Ciena and API Wizard

TRAC Intermodal

TRAC​ is using API Wizard to simplify Oracle data processing.  TRAC's IT team appreciates API Wizard's ease of setup and use, and how it frees them up for more technical and strategic tasks.

Learn more about TRAC Intermodal and API Wizard



The first four Oracle processes that DEMDACO streamlined with API Wizard saved more than 2,000 resource hours annually for the Supply Chain team.  DEMDACO's IT professions were highly praised for empowering the business to take care of its own data, safely and accurately, from such user friendly Excel interfaces.

Learn more about DEMDACO and API Wizard



Sleepy's uses API Wizard to empower business teams to take care of their own Oracle work and free IT from what it called "... the role of data chauffeur".  Sleepy's highlights API Wizard's ease of deployment and usability, and notes API Wizard's outstanding customer support.

Learn more about Sleepy's and API Wizard


Vaisala started with 5 API Wizard seats in 2011 and went on to roll it out globally over the next few years.  Many different people and work teams in Vaisala use API Wizard to do their Oracle data uploading and reporting processes in Excel.​

Learn more about Vaisala and API Wizard

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