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Customer Use Case Submission

Customer use cases help us better understand how our customers use and benefit from API Wizard, which in turn drives product enhancement decisions.  It also helps us provide useful insights on process improvement opportunities to our community of customers around the world.

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We will thank you for your use case submission with a $50 Amazon gift card!  Additionally, if you submit your use case for consideration in a future newsletter and it is used, you will receive an additional $150 Amazon gift card.

See requirements and restrictions below for details.

Submission requirements:

1) Enter responses to all questions.  If a question is set as required but you do not have an answer, please enter 'not applicable'.


2) $50 submission gift card is limited to one gift card per business process per customer with a max of two gift cards per customer organization*

3) If you select 'Yes' to question 15, we will enter you in the competition to have your case study highlighted in a future newsletter or on our website.  If selected, you will receive an additional $150 Amazon gift card. There is no limit to the number of entries that can be entered into this competition.

4) Submissions accepted until 6/30/20

* If you are not sure if two entries have already been submitted for your organization, please email and we will be happy to find that out for you.  

For our government customers and those who cannot accept a gift card, we will happily make a donation to a non-political charity of your choice in your name.

Please answer all questions below:

1. Enter first and last name

2. Enter Company and Position

3.  Enter email address

4.  What version of Oracle EBS are you running (i.e. 11.5.10, 12.1.3, 12.2.7, etc)

5.  When is your next upgrade planned (if known)?

6.  What version will you upgrade to next (if known)?

7.  Which Oracle modules are you using (select all that apply)?

EBS Modules


8.  Business process / area of focus for use case

For example, AP Invoices, Orders, Asset Adjustments, Employee Assignments, etc.

9. Previous approach before API Wizard (select all that apply)

Approach before API Wizard

If 'Other', please describe:

10. Challenges of previous approach (select all that apply)

Challenges of previous method

If 'Other', please describe:

11. Business driver for API Wizard (select all that apply)

Business Drivers

If 'Other', please describe:

12. Use Case details


Please describe the process for which you are using API Wizard, including:

a) Number of users

b) Frequency of use

c) What type of users (business, IT, junior, senior, etc)

d) Any information about the process that helps to further describe it

13. Results from using API Wizard

Describe the results that you experienced using API Wizard:

Issues resolved:

Time saved:

Cost savings / ROI:

14. Overall experience, gains, benefits, etc. from implementing API Wizard

15. Enter drawing to use this case study in an upcoming newsletter or on our website.  If used, you will receive an additional $150 Amazon gift card.

Newsletter and/or website

Thanks for submitting!

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