Get more value from Oracle E-Business Suite

Perform Oracle data entry and reporting work much faster and more accurately than ever before.

Drive business process improvements that help nearly everyone in the organization.

Oracle EBS Data Entry in Excel



For Users and IT.  Get Oracle work done in a fraction of the time it currently takes.  Drives cost savings and makes more time available for other tasks.



Hundreds of pre-built templates lets you get started right away.  No need for custom development, tedious consulting projects, or limited tools.  Works from Day 1.


Oracle work becomes easier, less tedious, and less prone to error.  Eliminates unnecessary fields so users can focus on what matters.



Rapidly modify or build templates without programming.  Creates an unlimited range of possibilities.



Financials, Manufacturing, Human Resources, Projects, Enterprise Assets, Supply Chain, Order Management, Service, FND, and so much more - API Wizard does it all.



Based in the U.S., in business 10+ years, thousands of users, millions of Oracle transactions, Oracle partner, hundreds of medium and large customers, also used in Oracle's EBS hosting service.

Streamline ANY business process

API Wizard has hundreds of pre-built Excel Loaders to simplify a wide range of Oracle business processes.  

API Wizard also has a builder function that can quickly modify existing Loaders to precisely fit changing business requirements and configure new Excel Loaders and Reports to solve any other Oracle challenges.

This means that API Wizard is the solution for anyone that faces Oracle data challenges, whether they're in Data Management, IT, Finance, HR, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, etc.

Excel User Interface

Powerful yet easy to use

API Wizard

is perfect


Day to Day Business Processing

Simplify and streamline the work users do every single day.  Our #1 use case.

Special Projects

Data cleanups and fixes, mass changes, MDM efforts. 

Data Conversions

Load mass data into Oracle.  Perfect for acquisitions and new module rollouts.

Top Companies use API Wizard

Here are a few...

Examples of how API Wizard is used by our customers

Natural resource extraction companies in Canada, Australia, and the United States use API Wizard to make it easy to create and keep track of assets and multi-year projects around the world.  Tedious Oracle transactions that took days and weeks take minutes and hours with API Wizard.  Business teams now use up-to-date Oracle data instead of outdated reports when making decisions.

A leading entertainment provider uses API Wizard throughout its Oracle Finance, Inventory and Supply Chain.  A couple of years ago this company used a mix of Oracle forms, custom file upload processes, and 3rd-party point products and screen emulators.  Now it’s standardized on API Wizard for consistent ease of use and reduced support and training.

A Finnish manufacturer uses API Wizard throughout its operations.  Oracle hosts their E-Business Suite in Scotland, and the customer uses API Wizard in multiple departments and locations around the world.  It’s easy to get up-to-date reports on on-hand inventory, AR invoicing, timecards, service contracts, and unreleased sales order holds.  It’s easy to create and update employees, inventory items, and BOMs.  API Wizard also simplifies the annual merit increase and price list projects.

A New York based business services leader uses API Wizard to shift day to day business data processing from the I.T. team to a number of business departments.  Now those who know the data best are the people creating, updating and reporting on it in Excel.  API Wizard enabled the I.T. team to gracefully extricate itself from the role of non-stop data chauffeur.  This customer saves at least 8,000 resource hours per year.  API Wizard’s Excel interface and data validation engine boosts data accuracy and completeness while eliminating re-work.

An Ohio based health and safety company uses API Wizard daily to create and update Customer and Vendor data.  A few times each year the I.T. team uses API Wizard to streamline the on-boarding of acquired company’s business data into Oracle E-Business Suite.

A national U.S. retailer uses API Wizard to help manage a high-value inventory across multiple stores, store types, inventory mixes, and Oracle inventory orgs.  API Wizard simplifies inventory min/max updates, replenishments, assortments, and purchase orders.  API Wizard’s Excel reporting provides instant Excel access to find stock and get live merchandise reports.  API Wizard saves over 6,000 resource hours and delivers instant access to key operational data.

API Wizard quick facts:

  • API Wizard is a U.S. company

  • Headquarters in Stamford, CT

  • U.S. patent on our technology

  • Customers around the world

  • Staff in U.S., Europe, and Asia Pacific

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