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Get more value from Oracle

E-Business Suite

API Wizard Excel

Perform Oracle EBS data entry, updates, and reporting in Excel.  

API Wizard Middleware Connect

Pre-built, fully automated interfaces into Oracle EBS from any source.  Quick setup, no coding.  

API Wizard Audit

Track changes to EBS data to satisfy the most stringent audit, governance, and performance requirements.

API Wizard Benefits 



For Users and IT.  Get Oracle work done in a fraction of the time it currently takes.  Drives cost savings and makes more time available for other tasks.



Based in the U.S., in business 10+ years, thousands of users, millions of Oracle transactions, Oracle partner, hundreds of medium and large customers, also used in Oracle's EBS hosting service.


Oracle work becomes easier, less tedious, and less prone to error.  Removes the burden of tedious data entry.



Hundreds of pre-built integrations lets you get started right away.  No need for custom development, tedious consulting projects, or limited tools.  Works from Day 1.



Financials, Manufacturing, Human Resources, Projects, Enterprise Assets, Supply Chain, Order Management, Service, FND, and so much more - API Wizard does it all.



Rapidly modify or build integrations without programming.  Creates an unlimited range of possibilities.  Easily handles any requirement.

Seeing is believing

Top Companies use API Wizard

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Customer Success Stories

API Wizard quick facts:

  • API Wizard is a U.S. company

  • Headquarters in Stamford, CT

  • U.S. patent on our technology

  • Customers around the world

  • Staff in U.S., Europe, Asia Pacific

To learn more about API Wizard:

  1. Check out the other pages on our site, they are quite informative!

  2. Schedule a demo - it's the best way to see your specific use case

  3. Watch one or more videos by clicking on data processing or reporting

  4. Contact us by phone at 1-800-691-8714

  5. Send us an email via our 'Contact Us' page

  6. Sign up for a webinar on our Events page

  7. Visit us at a conference - you can see our conference schedule

  8. Learn more about our corporate history and management team

  9. Check out our news feed

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