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Simplify Oracle

Excel for Oracle - Better, faster, easier​

90% reduction in data entry time

Comprehensive Excel tools that simplify data processing in every Oracle module

  • Significant time savings​

  • User empowerment

  • Flexibile and configurable

  • Enhanced data accuracy​

  • Comprehensive coverage

  • Secure and compliant

  • User-friendly interface

  • Reduced IT burden

Top companies use API Wizard

to streamline their Oracle work


With over 300 Excel products for Oracle and the ability to create your own, we have what you need.

Why API Wizard?

#1 - Solve user pain: Tired of the cumbersome data entry and reporting with Oracle's standard web browser and other mediocre tools? API Wizard transforms this experience, streamlining your daily tasks.

#2 - User-Friendly Excel Integration: Struggling with Oracle's Excel tools like FBDI, ADFDI, and WebADI? API Wizard's intuitive Excel-based UI is designed for ease of use and efficiency - it's a game changer for Oracle end users.

#3 - The Solution You Need: API Wizard isn't just another tool; it's a comprehensive solution for effortless data entry, updates, and reporting, trusted by hundreds of organizations seeking simplicity and effectiveness.

#4 - Economical and Impactful: Choose API Wizard for an economical solution that delivers immediate return on investment through significant time savings and improved productivity.

#5 - Trusted: In business for over 14 years with hundreds of customers and tens of thousands of users around the world, with an over 99% retention rate.

The API Wizard Excel user-interface provides a better way to work with Oracle








Works with Oracle Cloud Apps (Fusion), Oracle EBS, and Oracle DB

Get Oracle work done in a fraction of the time it currently takes

Enhanced data validation ensures cleaner data

Over 300 turnkey solutions for every area of Oracle

Easily configurable to support any requirement - even your toughest

100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back

Hundreds of Oracle customers around the world rely on us every day

Who benefits from

API Wizard?

Excel User Interface

Get work done way faster!


Save time on data entry, updating, and reporting tasks.


Team are more productive.  Easily meet deliverable timeframes. 

IT Departments

With users more self-sufficient and productive, focus can go to other areas.

API Wizard Items in Laptop.jpg

Senior Management

Lower costs, increase agility and flexibility, and get faster, more accurate information.

Read our customer ​success examples to learn how API Wizard helps organizations around the world

Customer Success Stories

API Wizard quick facts:

  • API Wizard is a U.S. company

  • Headquarters in Stamford, CT

  • U.S. patent on our technology

  • Customers around the world

  • Staff in U.S., Europe, Asia Pacific

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