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API Wizard Audit Trail is a premium product which provides a comprehensive history of all changes made in Oracle EBS and Oracle Databases.

Audit Trail offers significantly more detail than does Oracle and allows organizations to uncover meaningful insights about system usage which can lead to process improvements, while satisfying even the strictest audit and governance requirements.

This product is not yet available for Oracle Cloud Apps.


Key Audit Trail Capabilities

Track all changes​

Granular control

Before and After

Prevent fraud

Proactive Alerts

Audit Compliance

Usage Statistics

Performance Analysis

Time-Series Analysis

Retention Periods

Track all changes or just the changes you are most interested in.  Granular tracking controls.

Audit all transactions or specific processes, specific users, specific days/times.  You decide.

See data before and after changes for a complete picture of what's happened.

Complete change tracking makes it impossible to make and then hide changes.

Provides change history for proactive alerts of unusual data processing.

Provides comprehensive answers to any data processing questions your auditors ask.

Shows who is using the system, when they are using it, what they are doing, and more.

Provides metrics on record processing using dimensions such as time, user, and process.

Provides data for sophisticated time-series analysis on any process

Set retention periods to control how long to keep audit data, from one day to forever.  

API Wizard Audit Trail has the answers.  With Audit Trail, you have a complete history of all changes.  The tool captures data before and after changes are made, allowing clear identification of the specific fields that were changed, what the original values were, and what the new values are.  It records who made the change including Oracle user, OS user, the PC they connected from, and the date and time of the change.

Questions about who, what, when, where, and why?

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Critical Change Tracking info that Oracle EBS is not providing

  1. Any info on changes besides the last one.  There might have been one or a hundred previous changes.  That info is lost with Oracle EBS standard functionality.

  2. What was changed.  Oracle only tells you that the record was changed but not which fields were changed.

  3. What the data was before the change.  Oracle does not retain any information about the before or after values of the record. 

These limitations mean that critical audit information is not captured.

With API Wizard Audit Trail, every change is tracked

API Wizard Audit Trail provides the information which Oracle does not.  With Audit Trail:

  1. All changes are tracked.  If there are a hundred changes, you can see each one.

  2. You can easily determine the fields that were changed in a given update.

  3. You can see what the data looked like before the change as well as after, providing a complete picture.

API Wizard Audit Trail provides the change tracking history which Oracle EBS fails to deliver.  

Comparing standard Oracle EBS audit history to API Wizard Audit Track

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