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Excel Integration for Oracle EBS data entry, update, and reporting!

Oracle data entry, data updates, and reporting is slow.  Users spend countless hours toiling away at manual processes.  There is a better way: with API Wizard, any Oracle work can be done from Excel at a fraction of the time it takes in Oracle forms.  API Wizard has pre-built solutions for hundreds of common EBS processes plus a developer tool that allows you to tailor solutions to your requirements.  In this webinar, we'll highlight some of the most common use cases for API Wizard and focus on how customers save time and improve data quality.

Tuesday, Jul 27, 2021 -  2pm - 3pm EST - Register

Having Web ADI issues in Oracle EBS 11i?

If you're running Web ADI in Oracle 11i, you know that it is no longer compatible with current versions of Excel.  That means either giving up Web ADI or using on older versions of Excel, which raises security risks that most companies aren't willing to accept.  

API Wizard provides an alternate solution, an Excel integration for Oracle EBS (11i and R12) which is 100% compatible with the latest versions of Excel.  Get all the functionality you need without the risk.  API Wizard does much more than Web ADI, so you'll get a significant productivity boost as well.  Come see the demo to learn more.

Wednesday, July 28, 2021 -  2pm - 3pm EST - Register

Are You Stuck in the 1990s? Stop Using CSV File Uploads in Apex

API Wizard greatly improves user productivity by providing a faster and easier method for data entry, data updates, and reporting using a Excel user interface.

In this session, we'll demonstrate the significant time-savings and productivity gains organizations receive when using API Wizard.  Examples from a wide range of modules will be shown.

Thursday, July 29, 2021 -  2pm - 3pm EST - Register

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