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Write any SQL in easy to use editor

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Get instant results in Excel

For Users:

Easy, dynamic reporting in Excel with no SQL knowledge required

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Cloud Query


Ad-Hoc and User Reporting for Oracle Cloud Apps (Fusion)

For Developers:

Key Capabilities

Real time SQL

Simple, intuitive UI

Fast results

No output limit

Includes user reporting

Single-Click Refresh

Charts and Graphs

Pivot Tables

Multiple Connections

Quick Install

Integrates with Excelerate

Run SQL in real-time without using Oracle BI 

Much easier and faster than working in Oracle BI

Incredibly fast results

No limit to the number of records that can be returned

Users can run reports without needed SQL access

Easily refresh one or multiple reports with a single mouse click

Easily create Excel charts and graphs of your Oracle data

Use Pivot Tables to analyze your Oracle data

Connect to multiple environments simultaneously to compare data

Takes less than 5 minutes to install

Fully integrates with our data processing solution.

A powerful reporting tool for Oracle Cloud Apps

Oracle BI was not meant to be an ad-hoc reporting tool nor was it meant to be a solution for quick and easy user reporting.  

That leaves a large gap in the reporting needs of both Developers and Users.  

API Wizard has solved that gap by providing the ability to run ad-hoc SQL and create quick user reporting from within it's world-class user interface.

API Wizard Reporting examples

Ad Hoc Reporting for Oracle Cloud Apps


In this example, we will write a simple query, run, and get immediate results!

User Reporting for Oracle Cloud Apps

In this example, we've taken the same SQL shown above in the ad-hoc example but set it up as a user report.  A user with no SQL access or knowledge can easily run the report by passing in parameters.

Running reports against multiple instances (Oracle Cloud Apps)

In this example, we will run a query against two different Cloud environments simultaneously

Reporting videos

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