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Excel Reporting


Full, instant access to any Oracle data in Excel, greatly improving and simplifying reporting.


Oracle EBS

Oracle Cloud Apps / Fusion

Oracle Database

Key Reporting Capabilities

Excel User Interface​

Multiple Report Types


Report Formulas

Live Data in Excel

Single-Click Refresh

Charts and Graphs

Pivot Tables

Works in Every Module

Supports large datasets

Replace Discoverer

Integrates with Excelerate

Users want and need their data in Excel for analysis. 

Standard row/column reports and sophisticated report widgets.

Easily drilldown from summary to detail data with a mouse click.

Powerful reporting formulas can be incorporated into any analysis.

Live Oracle data - can be refreshed on any schedule you choose.

Easily refresh one or multiple reports with a single mouse click.

Easily create Excel charts and graphs of your Oracle data.

Use Pivot Tables to analyze your Oracle data.  

Use API Wizard reporting in every Oracle module.

API Wizard reporting can handle your largest reports.

Many organizations have replaced Discoverer with API Wizard.

Fully integrates with our data processing solution.

Users want their data in Excel.

Excel remains the go-to tool for analyzing data.  In most environments, users go through a painful process of extracting data from Oracle, loading into Excel, formatting, and then building their report analysis.  It's a tedious process which has to be repeated on a regular basis.

With API Wizard, reports are run natively in Excel, are pre-formatted, and can be refreshed at any time, ensuring the user has easily accessible and accurate data.

API Wizard Reporting examples

Standard Reports


API Wizard reports can be run dynamically from the Excel / API Wizard toolbar or can be saved Excel workbooks which can be easily refreshed with a click of the button.  Report parameters can be placed directly onto the worksheet, making it super easy to run the same report with different parameters as often as necessary.  Multiple reports can share a set of parameters, allowing you to create integrated report sets.


Double-click on a drilldown enabled column and a new report is opened, providing additional details.  You can have as many drilldown reports as there are columns on a summary report and each drilldown report can, in turn, have it's own drilldowns, letting you go from the most summary information to the most detailed information of from within Excel.

Matrix Reporting

Using API Wizard's sophisticated reporting formulas as report widgets, users can create any type of reporting or analysis they wish.  In the example below, each of the white cells in the center of the report are individual formulas running a 'Get On-Hand Qty' report for a given item and organization code.  Use this in any area of Oracle.

Dashboarding with Charts, Graphs, and Pivot Tables

API Wizard makes it incredibly simple to create charts, graphs, and pivot tables using Oracle as your source data.  Worksheets and Workbooks can be saved with your reports setup exactly the way you want them and you can easily refresh the data in multiple reports at one time with just the click of a button. 

Get all of the power of Excel with live Oracle data!

Reporting videos

API Wizard Reporting Video


Watch the video below to see API Wizard reporting in action.

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