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API Wizard Benefits Overview



Organizations that use API Wizard see results.

API Wizard customers replace manual, error prone, data intensive processes with reusable, automated Excel data uploading and reporting solutions that users want and readily adopt.

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Senior Management

  • More reliable and accurate data for decision making

  • Improved user productivity

  • Reduced headcount costs for common business tasks

  • Decreased cycle times for critical business processes

  • Increased organizational ROI from Oracle ERP

Professional Male
Professional Female

Information Technology

  • Provide better service to the business

  • Empower business owners to do more with existing resources

  • Enhance Oracle usability for all stakeholders

  • Improve data quality, security, governance, and control

  • Benefit from powerful change management and audit capability

Line of Business Owners and Department Managers

  • Reduce time required for staff to perform routine processes

  • Improve accuracy and control with advanced error-detection

  • Improve KPMs throughout your business area

  • More easily review, approve, and correct work

  • Have more control over who can perform what task

  • Have level of audit history not available in Oracle

  • Change focus to analysis and action, instead of data entry

Confident Businessman
Young Businesswomen

Business Users

  • Get work done faster and more easily

  • Eliminate the headaches of working with Oracle forms

  • Error-detection logic helps catch errors

  • Free up user time to focus on higher value tasks

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A common benefit for everyone across the organization


Oracle EBS and Oracle Cloud are robust, scalable enterprise resource planning applications that serve as the backbone of many major organizations.  It is the source of record for nearly all financial, manufacturing, human resource, and project information.  

While Oracle EBS and Oracle Cloud are great systems in many respects, they both share a core problem; namely how difficult it is to get business data in and out of the system on a routine basis.  This data processing inefficiency causes work to be performed at a slow pace, which is both inefficient and costly.  Even worse, Oracle EBS and Oracle Cloud do not include many modern data accuracy validations, which means that bad data gets in and this negatively impacts reporting and decision making accuracy.

API Wizard breaths new life into Oracle EBS and enhances Oracle Cloud by revolutionizing the way data can be entered and extracted, greatly optimizing data processing, reducing data entry effort, and adding validations that ensure accuracy.   

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