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Process Builder

API Wizard Process Builder is the industry's only fully GUI authoring tool for Oracle DB and Oracle EBS productivity.

A true IDE, Process Builder is used to create powerful and efficient user interfaces to work with Oracle public APIs, Open Interfaces, wrappers, custom APIs, third-party APIs, as well as any PL/SQL packages / procedures / functions in minutes.

Requirement to deployed solution in minutes

Key Process Builder Capabilities

Generate awesome UIs

No programming

Rapid Development

Framework integration


Easily modifiable

Simple for users


Builds incredibly fast, powerful, user-friendly Excel-based forms for any EBS process

Full GUI process, build with point and click in Excel.  Zero programming.

Takes ​less than five minutes to build a new Loader (form).

Leverages entire API Wizard framework: pre-validations, duplication avoidance, etc.

Works​ with APIs, open interfaces, wrappers, custom pl/sql, third party APIs, and tables.


Easy to make changes to match changing business requirements and needs.

Users​ get easy-to-use, elegant solutions which they will love.

API Wizard holds a U.S. patent on its technology.

Familiar with Oracle's development tools?

Development in Oracle is slow, tedious, time-consuming, frustrating, difficult and expensive.  Once built, Oracle extensions and customizations are a burden to maintain.

API Wizard provides a new and significantly better way to improve Oracle and Oracle EBS.  Development in API Wizard is easy and cost-effective.  Build fully functional forms for data entry, data maintenance (updates), and reporting with real-time LOVs, data extraction capabilities, pre-validation rules, and so much more - all in a fraction of the time it would take with any other tool.

Benefits include simple, fast development and configuration for any Oracle business process, a standardized approach which makes it easy for any I.T. resource to maintain, and an Excel user interface which is so easy to use that it will reduce I.T.'s end-user support and training burden.  I.T. departments love API Wizard!

API Wizard is nothing like them...

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Please note this product is not currently available for Oracle Cloud Apps, only for Oracle DB and EBS.

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