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API Wizard Company News

12/15/23  Submit any Oracle Fusion Scheduled Job from within API Wizard

The new Scheduled Job Submission Loader allows users to submit scheduled jobs from within API Wizard; providing unprecedented control over the scheduling and management of routine tasks within Oracle.  Users will find this particularly handy when there is a need to run a job many times for different data, for instance running the Close Sales Order job for a large list of sales orders.  

11/18/23  Just in time for the end of the year - Physical Inventories for Oracle Fusion Cloud Apps

Physical inventories are time-consuming - and getting counts into Oracle Fusion Cloud and approving those counts is both time-consuming and tedious.  API Wizard is happy to announce the creation of a new process for counting and approving physical inventory counts.  If you have to do a physical inventory before the end of 2023, our new Loader will make it a breeze.  Please note that we also have a physical inventory Loader for Oracle EBS.

10/25/23  API Wizard's Groundbreaking Integration: Excel Macros Meet Oracle Data Automation

In our relentless pursuit to enhance the Oracle data experience, API Wizard is thrilled to announce its latest breakthrough: Integration of Excel Macros for advanced data processing automation with Oracle Fusion Cloud and Oracle EBS.

Highlighting the New Features:

Macro-Driven Automation: Seamlessly incorporate your favorite Excel macros into the data management process. Automate complex calculations, transformations, and data manipulations with a single click before syncing with Oracle. 

Custom Macro Templates: Benefit from a library of pre-built macros tailored for Oracle data operations or easily integrate your proprietary macros into our platform.


Real-Time Data Processing: Witness the power of instant data processing as Excel macros work in harmony with Oracle data, allowing for immediate uploads post automation.

API Wizard's synergy between Excel macros and Oracle data management exemplifies our commitment to innovation and efficiency. With this integration, users can harness the computational strength of Excel and the reliability of Oracle in one cohesive environment.

Experience the next level of data automation. To explore this dynamic feature and its transformative potential, visit our website or schedule a one-on-one with our experts. Elevate your Oracle data game with the unmatched power of Excel macro automation, only with API Wizard!


9/9/23  Meet API Wizard at Oracle Cloud World, Sept 18-21

Get ready to delve deeper into the universe of Oracle Fusion Cloud with API Wizard at the much-anticipated Oracle Cloud World conference in Las Vegas! As champions of streamlined data management and integration, we're excited to bring our specialized expertise to the fore at this distinguished gathering.

At Oracle Cloud World, API Wizard's emphasis will be crystal clear: Oracle Fusion Cloud. Here's a peek into what we have in store:

* Interactive Kiosk: Located conveniently in the exhibitor hall, our kiosk will serve as a hub for live demonstrations, hands-on exploration, and one-on-one interactions. Discover the magic of our latest features and integrations tailored for Oracle Fusion Cloud.

* Expert Guidance: Our dedicated team will be on-site, eager to address any questions, offer personalized advice, and provide insights into optimizing your Oracle Fusion Cloud experience with API Wizard.

Exclusive Previews: Attendees will be privy to a sneak peek of our roadmap and what lies ahead for Oracle Fusion Cloud enthusiasts.

Whether you're an Oracle Fusion Cloud veteran or just beginning your journey, our presence at Oracle Cloud World promises to be both enlightening and empowering. Swing by our kiosk and let's talk. We look forward to seeing you there!

8/15/23  Upcoming Webinars - multiple business processes

Summer is coming to a close.  Is tedious Oracle data entry preventing you from getting outside to enjoy the nice weather while it lasts?  Join us next week for a series of webinars that will show you how you can replace your existing, tedious Oracle processes with elegant API Wizard solutions in less than 24 hours.  This is a webinar series that has something for everyone, including a focus on key processes such as Sales Orders, Price Lists, Purchase Orders, Inventory Items, Projects, AP and AR Invoices, Customers, Suppliers, Fixed Assets, and more.  There are sessions for both Fusion Cloud and EBS.  See the full lineup on our Events page.

7/10/23  Customer Survey Results

The results from our latest customer survey are in, and they offer valuable insights into the evolving landscape of Oracle usage among our clientele. Notably, 30% of our EBS customers are currently considering a transition to Oracle Cloud. However, of those contemplating the move, only a fraction - a mere 10% - have solidified plans to make a partial or full shift within the upcoming two years.

These findings shed light on the strategic considerations and pacing of technological transitions within our customer base, revealing both the allure of Oracle Cloud and the considerations keeping some businesses anchored to EBS for the near future.


For a deeper dive into the survey results, including insights on other pivotal trends and preferences, we invite you to subscribe to our

newsletter. Stay informed and get an edge with detailed analyses and data-driven predictions. To subscribe, simply drop us a line at Your insights, our expertise – let's figure out the future together.

6/22/23  Updated API Wizard Architecture and Security Documentation for Oracle Fusion Cloud Available

Staying at the forefront of technological advancements, we're happy to announce the release of our updated API Wizard Architecture and Security documentation. This comprehensive guide reflects our commitment to transparency, performance optimization, and safeguarding your data.

Key highlights of the updated documentation include:

* Enhanced Architecture Overview: Delve into the intricacies of API Wizard’s refined architecture, designed for superior performance, scalability, and reliability.

* Robust Security Protocols: With cyber threats evolving, our security measures are always a step ahead. Understand our reinforced security protocols, ensuring your data remains uncompromised.

* Best Practices: Gain insights into optimizing the use of API Wizard with Oracle Fusion Cloud, harnessing the full power of the updated architecture.

* Interactive Diagrams: Visual representations to aid in comprehending the relationships and workflows within the system.

As always, we encourage our customers, partners, and stakeholders to familiarize themselves with these updates. Knowledge equips you to make the most of our platform, while confidence in our security protocols ensures peace of mind.


To access the updated documentation, please visit support portal at and search for "Cloud Architecture and Security".

5/31/23  Meet API Wizard in person at OATUG Ascend, June 11 to 14 in Orlando, Florida

API Wizard will be making a prominent appearance at the OATUG Ascend Conference from June 11 to 14 in sunny Orlando, Florida. This event is a great opportunity for you to get a firsthand look at our latest innovations and offerings. Here's what you can expect from us at OATUG Ascend:

* Live Demonstrations: Experience our latest features and tools in action. Witness the power of API Wizard and how it seamlessly integrates with Oracle Fusion Cloud and Oracle EBS.

* Face-to-Face Consultations: Have questions or need advice? Our team of experts will be available for one-on-one sessions to discuss your specific needs and challenges.

* Engaging Workshops: Dive deep into our product's capabilities with hands-on workshops and sessions. Learn best practices and get tips from the masters.

* Networking Opportunities: Connect with our leadership team, product developers, and fellow API Wizard enthusiasts. Share experiences, gather insights, and forge new collaborations.

* Exclusive Announcements: Attendees will get a sneak peek into our roadmap, including upcoming features and advancements planned for the near future.


We're eagerly looking forward to engaging with you in Orlando. Whether you're a current user, considering API Wizard for your business, or just curious about our solutions, make sure to drop by our booth and say hello. Let's explore the future of Oracle data management together at OATUG Ascend!

4/16/23  Upcoming Webinar - Integrating API Wizard in your Oracle Fusion Cloud implementation

Join us for our upcoming webinar focused on seamlessly integrating API Wizard within your Oracle Fusion Cloud implementation. Whether you're new to the Oracle Fusion Cloud or looking to optimize your existing setup, this session promises invaluable insights.

During the webinar, our expert panel will walk you through:

* The Basics of Integration: A step-by-step guide on integrating API Wizard with Oracle Fusion Cloud, tailored for both newcomers and seasoned professionals.
* Best Practices: Tips and strategies to ensure the integration process is smooth and efficient.
* Leveraging Features: A deep dive into the robust functionalities of API Wizard and how they can enhance your Oracle Fusion Cloud operations.
* Security Protocols: Ensuring data integrity and security is paramount. We'll explore how API Wizard fortifies your Oracle Fusion Cloud implementation, safeguarding your data at every step.
* Interactive Q&A Session: Have questions? Our experts will be on hand to address any queries or concerns you might have about the integration process.


Don't miss out on this opportunity to enrich your Oracle Fusion Cloud experience. Whether you aim to streamline data operations or simply understand the integration better, this webinar is designed to set you on the path to success. Register today and empower your Oracle Fusion Cloud journey with the unparalleled capabilities of API Wizard.

Register on our Events page. 

3/10/23  New Training Modules Unveiled!

We've enriched our training content! Explore our refreshed modules, including detailed walkthroughs of the API Wizard Cloud Loaders. Visit our support site at for a comprehensive learning experience.

2/15/23  Released as part of API Wizard Cloud version 2: Advanced Support for Both REST and SOAP

Understanding and managing APIs is central to efficient data operations, especially when navigating the distinct architectures of REST and SOAP. In recognizing the challenges and nuances they present, API Wizard Cloud Loaders has taken a giant leap forward.

Our latest enhancements are not just about supporting both REST and SOAP but about elevating the user experience. We've incorporated advanced capabilities that demystify how REST and SOAP calls are integrated within the API Wizard process. Users can now gain real-time visibility into API operations, making the entire process more transparent.

Furthermore, with this clarity comes heightened security. Users can better understand access controls, ensuring that data remains safeguarded at every step. Whether you're an API novice or a seasoned expert, our enhanced integration features are designed to broaden your horizons and empower you with a deeper understanding of your data operations. Dive into a more insightful, secure, and efficient API management experience with our comprehensive tool.

12/23/22 - Looking forward to 2023, what's on the API Wizard Roadmap

API Wizard is gearing up for an exciting and transformative 2023. Our commitment to innovation and enhancing user experience remains steadfast, and here’s a glimpse of what’s in store.

For our Oracle Fusion Cloud production line, the spotlight will be on the launch of the API Wizard Cloud Platform for Oracle version 2. With feedback from our valued users and relentless efforts from our development team, this new version promises:

A Refreshed User Interface: Streamlined and modernized, our UI will cater to both seasoned professionals and newcomers, ensuring easy navigation and intuitive operations.
Enhanced Feature Set: We're broadening our toolset to empower users with more capabilities. Expect more automation, deeper analytics, and customizable modules to cater to diverse business needs.
Revamped Licensing Strategy: Based on user feedback and market trends, our licensing model will be more flexible, accommodating, and designed to provide better value for businesses of all sizes.
Seamless User Experience: Building on our legacy, the focus remains on delivering an uninterrupted, smooth, and efficient data management experience. We're optimizing processes and reducing the learning curve even further.


For our EBS product line, we are delving deeper into integrating cutting-edge technologies and functionalities. This includes advanced data analytics capabilities, tighter security protocols, and an emphasis on scalability to cater to growing business demands. Moreover, collaboration tools will be enhanced to facilitate better team dynamics and to ensure data operations are more collaborative and transparent. Stay tuned as we roll out new modules, conduct webinars, and offer training sessions to help users maximize the potential of our EBS product line.


To all our users and stakeholders, thank you for being a part of the API Wizard journey. Together, we're not just looking forward to 2023 – we're shaping it!"

11/29/22 - Latest Webinar - API Wizard Customer Success stories

Learn about how our customers have leveraged API Wizard to improve their Oracle data processing.  This presentation will have two parts, the first being a deep dive into 5 different API Wizard customers and the second being an overview of API Wizard products used broken down by customer industry across our entire customer base.  To see more information and to register, please see our Events page. 

9/10/22 - Upcoming webinars

API Wizard has released its latest webinar series, which includes general overview sessions for API Wizard for EBS and Oracle Cloud (Fusion) as well as deep dive sessions in Manufacturing, Financials, and HR.  Two special sessions - one on year-end processing and one our cloud reporting product round out the offering.  To see more information and to register, please see our Events page. 

8/14/22 - API Wizard certified on Oracle Cloud, Amazon Cloud, Microsoft Cloud

Great news for all our customers; the entire API Wizard platform has been certified on Oracle Cloud, Amazon Cloud, and Microsoft Cloud.  Whatever part of your IT infrastructure moves to the cloud, you can move your API Wizard software with you.  For more information on running API Wizard in the Cloud, please go to our support portal.

7/10/22 - Need answers to your Cloud Apps (Fusion) questions?  Ask the experts at API Wizard (July 18, 1pm EDT)

This event was over-capacity last September so we've decided to do an encore in 2022.  API Wizard is the leading authority on Oracle Cloud Apps (Fusion).  Our marque product, API Wizard Excel for Oracle Cloud, provides users tremendous time savings each day by greatly streamlining and simplifying Oracle work.  Our API Wizard team members have helped hundreds of companies around the word improve their data processing and get their work done faster!

Our team is doing a live Q&A where we will answer any Oracle Cloud questions you have!  Bring your most challenging questions and hear what other Cloud customers are interested in.  

For more info, see our Events page. 

6/21/22 - Post Ascend Update

It was great to see some of our customers and future customers at the Ascend conference in Las Vegas last week.  We hope that these in-person conferences will become the norm again.  It's definitely a different feeling getting to see everyone in person.  

We've updated our Events page with a number of webinars for people who would like to learn more after the conference.  Please check it out to see how API Wizard can help you optimize Oracle EBS and Oracle Cloud.

5/10/22 - New 'Lookup' reporting feature for Oracle Cloud (Fusion)

Given how slow and unresponsive the Oracle Cloud / Fusion web forms can be, doing any type of data lookup can be an arduous and frustrating task.  For instance, say you've got 30 specific invoices that you need to research to check to find the related PO and quantity received.  Your choices are limited to looking these up one-by-one in the forms or running a large report and then sifting through it to find the specific invoices of interest.

With API Wizard's new 'Lookup' reporting capability, you can just paste the values you want to lookup into a column in Excel and API Wizard can quickly lookup the information you're interested in.  For example, paste 30 invoice numbers and get results for each one (such as PO #, line #, qty, hold/reason, received qty, etc).

This works for any data in Oracle Cloud - Financials, Mfg, HR, etc.  It's a huge time-saver for anyone that needs to lookup data in Oracle.  To see a demo of this, contact us.

4/1/22 - Not fooling - we've made API Wizard even faster

API Wizard has been the fastest, easiest way to load data into Oracle for over 13 years.  Back in 2020, we introduced Bulk Load, an even faster mechanism for loading data.  We've been tweaking the Bulk Load algorithm and have improved performance by an additional 15%, making an already fast process even faster.  We've also updated our Turbo Load process, which is our fasted load type and is typically used when data volume exceeds 100,000 records.  

3/18/22 - Update to Blanket PO Process

API Wizard is continually innovating and updating its product offering.  This month we highlight changes to our Blanket PO Process - we've made it even easier to create and update Blanket POs, including a specialized Loader for managing complex price breaks and another for quickly adding or editing blanket lines.  If your organization uses Blanket POs, then this is a must see!

2/15/22 - Cloud Query (SQL for Cloud) Updates

API Wizard has updated its Cloud Query product to support querying multiple Cloud instances simultaneously, enhanced editing and formatting options, and advanced user reporting capabilities.  Run SQL against Oracle Cloud Apps without having to setup BI reports.  Perfect for developers, system analysts, and users.  

1/25/22 - New training videos released

We've updated several of our training videos, including our API Wizard Administration training and our training on updating existing Loaders.  API Wizard customers can find these updated training videos and our entire library of training content on our support site,  We will be updating and adding to our training videos throughout 2022.

1/10/22 - API Wizard's debut webinar on Ad Hoc and User Reporting for Oracle Cloud from within Excel

Join ​us on 2/15 at 2pm EST to see how easy it is to run ad-hoc queries and setup user reports for Oracle Cloud without using Oracle BI.  API Wizard provides a powerful user interface to query any Oracle Cloud data.  Don't miss your chance to register for this live event.  Register for the webinar here.

12/31/21 - Goodbye to another year

As we look forward to 2022, here's a sneak peak at what's in our development pipeline.  We are putting more effort and energy into our groundbreaking products for Oracle Cloud Apps productivity, including adding pre-built Loaders for more processes and refining our user interface for easier and faster processing.  We've added many enhancements to our reporting product, including the ability to query multiple Cloud instances simultaneously, a full data-dictionary introspection module, and an easier way to view and edit queries.  For our EBS products, we are adding over a dozen new processes (on top of the 150+ we already have) and are enhancing several existing processes.  

11/20/21 - New process - Lease Management

We've been working ​with one of our customers on a new Lease Management solution.  This process allows you to create and update Leases in the Property Manager module.  Any API Wizard customers interested in Lease Management should reach out to their account representative for more information.

10/26/21 - Expedite Year-End Processing in Oracle EBS and Oracle Cloud Apps (Fusion) - Don't miss this webinar (Nov 10, 1pm EST)

Year-end is approaching and with it brings all types of painful Oracle data processing activities, such as updating Price Lists, performing Physical Inventories, end-dating inactive Suppliers, making sure all pending Orders are booked, making sure tax info is up-to-date for Customers, Suppliers, and Employees.  Budgeting!  And so much more.

In this session, API Wizard will highlight how year-end processing can be significantly improved by leveraging Our Excel productivity tool.  This session is for EBS and Cloud Apps (Fusion) customers.

For more info, see our Events page. 

9/24/21 - API Wizard Cloud Q/A - Thanks for participating!

Earlier today we hosted our Cloud Q/A and it was an exciting and dynamic session.  We had over thirty different companies attend and had questions ranging from functional processes (for example, can you over-apply a receipt) to technical (how can we get audit information on who's updating what/when) to integration (how do we find info on integration points) and more.  Thanks for everyone who attended.  If you missed it, we'll likely do another session like this in early Spring 2022.

9/16/21 - Need answers to your Cloud Apps (Fusion) questions?  Ask the experts at API Wizard (Sep 24, 1pm EDT)

API Wizard is the leading authority on Oracle Cloud Apps (Fusion).  Our marque product, API Wizard Excel for Oracle Cloud, provides users tremendous time savings each day by greatly streamlining and simplifying Oracle work.  Our API Wizard team members have helped hundreds of companies around the word improve their data processing and get their work done faster!

Our team is doing a live Q&A where we will answer any Oracle Cloud questions you have!  Bring your most challenging questions and hear what other Cloud customers are interested in.  

For more info, see our Events page. 

8/19/21 - Great to see you!

The API Wizard team had a successful, in-person conference this week in Hollywood, Florida at OATUG Ascend 21.  We gave three presentations, spoke with many of our existing customers, and met many new people who shared their Oracle processing pain stories with us!  This was our first live conference in over a year as well as our first chance to talk live about our product line for Oracle Cloud Apps / Fusion.  

8/3/21 - Come see API Wizard at the OATUG conference in Florida (Aug 15-18) or attend a webinar

API Wizard will be live at the OATUG conference in Florida between Aug 15 - Aug 18.  The conference is being held at the Diplomat Hotel in Hollywood, Florida.  We'll be doing two live presentations at the conference and those presentations will also be simulcasted for people attending the conference virtually.  In addition, we've released a full set of webinars for the end of August and start of September, which you can see on our events page.

7/7/21 - API Wizard hosts 'Web ADI doesn't work with current versions of MS Office, what should we do?' webinar

Companies around the world running Oracle EBS 11.5.x have a common problem - their version of Web ADI no longer works with current versions of MS Office.  This creates a problem, since most organizations don't want to their employees using old and unsupported versions of MS Office due to security concerns.  

In this webinar, API Wizard will showcase how our tool works with 11.5.10 systems, can do everything Web ADI can do plus a lot more, and is compatible with all supported versions of MS Office, mitigating any security risks associated with running Web ADI.

6/15/21 - API Wizard hosts 'Overcoming inefficiency in Oracle Cloud' webinar

In next week's webinar, 'Overcoming inefficiency in Oracle Cloud', the API Wizard team will provide case studies of 5 of its cloud customers who were struggling with day to day data processing in Oracle Cloud Apps before finding API Wizard.  The presentation will highlight dramatic improvements in user productivity they experienced ​once they started using API Wizard.  Functional areas that will be discussed include AR, AP, Inventory, Purchasing, Fixed Assets, and General Ledger.  This is a must-see for all organizations running Oracle Cloud Apps.

5/25/21 - API Wizard releases enhanced LOV Validations

As the preeminent tool for Oracle productivity, API Wizard continually strives to find ways to improve the user experience.  Our latest release of our LOV validations allows users to leverage the API Wizard LOV functionality to pre-validate their data in an incredibly fast and efficient manner.  LOV pre-validations can have dependencies and provide a simple way to create a subset of available values based on business rules.  Individual values in error are highlighted, making it super simple to identify fields to be corrected. 

5/10/21 - OATUG session tomorrow on API Wizard for Apex

API Wizard is presenting a session tomorrow, hosted by the OATUG, on how our Excel framework is the perfect compliment to Oracle Apex. 

Apex is a favorite tool in the Oracle community and can be used to rapidly build nice web-based forms for Oracle.  However, as nice as it is, it doesn't really have a great solution for handling moderate or large data volumes.  That's where API Wizard comes in... you can easily enable API Wizard for any Apex process and provide a better, faster user interface that's capable of handling any data volume.  Check out our events page for more info.

4/16/21 - New functional processes

The number of prebuilt API Wizard processes keeps going, thanks to our very active user community in which many customers share the processes they've created with API Wizard and others make suggestions on processes they'd like to see.  We've formalized over 25 new processes in the last few months, bringing the total number of turnkey processes to over 175.  Additionally, we have many more processes that are in the works.  You can check the support portal for the latest list of turnkey processes.

3/22/21 - API Wizard Support Portal Update

We've significantly added to its support portal documentation with all types of useful information, including training videos, how-to documents, and helpful tips and tricks.  If you haven't checked out the support portal in a while, go to the 'Training' section to find a plethora of resources on all of the things you can do with the tool.  We guarantee you'll find things you didn't know you could do!

2/12/21 - OATUG hosting two upcoming API Wizard webinars

The Oracle Applications and Technology User Group (OATUG) is hosting two API Wizard webinars over the next few weeks.  The first is on Master Data maintenance and the second is a third reprise of our popular session on tracking COVID-19 vaccinations.  For the details and to register, please see our events page.


2/1/21 - Webinar on COVID Vaccination Tracking

API Wizard hosted a highly attended webinar on how to track COVID-19 vaccinations in January.  Two options were presented (1) using HR SIT (2) using a set of COVID tables (for those organization not using Oracle HR).  This webinar will be repeated twice more in February and a final session will be hosted by the OATUG (Oracle Application and Technology User Group) on March 2 from 1pm - 2pm EST (register here).

1/1/21 - Goodbye to 2020, welcome 2021!

API Wizard wishes all of our customers, partners, employees, and the world a happy and healthy 2021.  We know 2020 was a tough year for many - here is to hoping 2021 is much better!

12/2/20 - OATUG Education Series featuring API Wizard

Over 100 people registered for today's OATUG webinar featuring API Wizard and how organizations can streamline year end processing by leveraging spreadsheets to get their Oracle work done faster and easier.  Functional areas discussed included price list updates, physical inventories, vendor cleanup and inactivations, purchasing orders, sales orders, and more!  OATUG members can download a recording of the webinar as well as the slide deck from the OATUG website.

11/15/20 - API Wizard Annual Server Update

Faster bulk loading, a new optional pre-validation process leveraging LOV queries, a new quick tagging feature for required fields (including optional dependency on other fields), and more are part of the newly released API Wizard engine update.  Best of all, it only takes a few minutes to install (less than 5!).  To download the update, please log into our helpdesk and search on 'Upgrade'.

10/5/20 - Your vote counts!

We're not talking about the national elections, we're talking about voting for the API Wizard enhancements that you think will most benefit you and your organization!  We've sent our enhancement survey out to those customers who have signed up to be part of the enhancement prioritization process.  ​You'll have two weeks to review the enhancements and let us know how you prioritize them.  For customers who would like to be part of this process, just enter a ticket in our support system letting us know you're interested!  Results will be presented in our next newsletter.

9/5/20 - Fall webinar schedule released

Our fall webinars for new customers has been released.  To see the full lineup, please check our events page.

8/18/20 - API Wizard Cloud Environments now available

API Wizard announces its new customer and prospect development and testing center running in the Oracle Cloud.  Now any existing customer or prospective customer can run any API Wizard process 100% in the cloud, allowing for rapid deployment of new solutions and the ability to shift workloads from on-premise to cloud for any application.  To learn more, please contact our team here.

7/22/20 - Introducing API Wizard Audit 3.0

Today we have officially released API Wizard Audit 3.0, the latest version of the API Wizard Audit product aimed at helping organizations manage data control, compliance, and satisfying audit and reporting requirements.  With the ability to capture both the 'before' and 'after' of all data transactions, API Wizard Audit gives you the total visibility into your ERP system.  API Wizard Audit can be implemented in less than a week.  For more information, check out our Audit page.

6/15/20 - Updated Item and Item Category Loader

A new Item and Item Category Loader was recently released that makes it even easier to create and maintain your items and item categories.  In addition, we've recently worked with several customers on "mega" item Loaders which combine every item process into one, including tasks like adding items to multiple child orgs, ASLs, sourcing rules, cross references, categories, catalogs, costs, and more!  

5/05/20 - API Wizard Day in planning

All of us at API Wizard were disappointed that we didn't get to see our customers at the cancelled OATUG conference in April.  It is one of our main opportunities to connect with customers in person.  In lieu of that, our team is preparing a virtual 'API Wizard Day' for customers, which will include presentations, Q&A panels, success stories, tips and tricks, and more.  The planning for this has started and it's tentatively scheduled for mid to late fall.

4/15/20 - Updates to Order Loader

The API Wizard Order Loader has been updated to be even more flexible and now includes an even easier way to add pre-validation and business rule logic before and after processing.  It also includes updates to the key reports such as Open Orders and Orders on Hold.  All of the core functionality remains, including being able to create an unlimited number of order lines, order attachments, place and release order holds, RMAs, and more!

3/31/20 - New training events scheduled

To help our customers during this difficult time, we are doubling the number of free training classes that we are doing in April and May.  The current lineup can be found on our Events page.  We will be added additional sessions in May in the next couple of weeks.

3/31/20 - COVID-19 Update

We offer our sincere condolences to anyone personally or professionally impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.  We know this is an incredibly difficult and stressful time.  The API Wizard team is doing well and is 100% operational.   In order to do our part to help, API Wizard will be providing an extended lineup of free training classes which we hope will help our customers streamline their operations and manage the challenges of resource unavailability.  The full lineup will be posted shortly.

2/25/20 - Introducing API Wizard Bulk Load

API Wizard is by far the most feature rich third-party Oracle product on the market because we thrive on innovating.  There have been a lot of great enhancements in the latest release of API Wizard, including the new 'Bulk Load' feature.  This replaces our previous client-side parallel processing and reduces run-time for larger data loads by up to 50%.  The best part about it is that there is absolutely no setup required, just select 'Bulk Load' as your load type and API Wizard does the rest!  A full list of enhancements will be available in our Spring Newsletter which is scheduled for April.


1/29/20 - API Wizard winter webinar series announced

The Winter Webinar series will include the following sessions:

Use Excel For All Your Oracle Data Entry, Maintenance and Reporting Needs!
API Wizard for Finance Professionals
API Wizard for Oracle I.T. Professionals
API Wizard for Pricing and Order Management Professionals

Registration details are available on our Events page.

12/31/19 - Another great year, thank you

API Wizard would like to thank its customers and partners for another great year.  Our customer base grew 20% this year as more Oracle EBS shops have learned how they can reduce the time and stress associated with entering and updating Oracle data.  We had multiple customers hold presentations on their success with API Wizard, many existing customers who served as referrals to new customers, as well as partner organizations who introduced API Wizard to their customers.  It's a team effort and we thank you for your continued patronage and support.  Happy New Year!

11/15/19 - When you think about year-end, think about API Wizard

Gearing up for year end?  It's the perfect time to make sure that you're leveraging API Wizard solutions to streamline year-end processing.  Typical year-end processes include things like budgeting, physical inventories, inactivating suppliers, writing off bad debt, processing bonuses, updating price lists, and much more.  With API Wizard, these year end processes can be completed in no time.  If you are interested in leveraging API Wizard for year end processing, go to our events page and register for the year-end processing webinar scheduled for 11/21/19.

10/24/19 - API Wizard in Missouri and Louisiana

API Wizard participated in two regional OAUG conferences this week in Missouri and Louisiana.  It was a nice opportunity to see some existing customers and to meet some future customers.  API Wizard is a staple at these conferences (Gateway OAUG and Texas Louisiana OAUG).  

10/14/19 - Pass Comma-Delimited values into report parameters

API Wizard has released a new support guide document on how to update report parameters to accept comma-delimited values.  For example, say you want to pass 10 specific customers to review which don't fall into a number range or share an attribute such as customer type - with API Wizard reporting you can simply pass those 10 customers separated by a comma.  It couldn't be easier!  You can also read in a row of values from any Excel sheet.  This functionality has existed for several years in API Wizard but the updated documentation is now available in the support portal!

9/21/19 - API Wizard exhibits at Oracle Open World - Great location and great crowds

API Wizard completed a very successful week in the exhibitor's showcase at Oracle Open World in San Francisco, California.  API Wizard has been one of the most recognized and sought after vendors at this conference for many years.  Our booth location was very favorable this year and our staff was very busy connecting with existing customers and meeting future customers.  As an Oracle Gold Partner, API Wizard is a committed member of the Oracle 3rd Party ecosystem and our flagship product helps organizations make the most of their investment in Oracle.  API Wizard also held its 4th annual happy hour with our partner O2Works during the conference.

9/06/19 - API Wizard hosting Happy Hour with O2Works at TableTop Tap House on Wednesday, Sep 18th, at Open World!

API Wizard is hosting a happy hour with our partners at 02Works at the TableTop Tap House, 175 4th St., San Francisco, CA 94103 on Wednesday, September 18 from 5:30pm - 7:30pm PDT.   Email us if you'd like to attend at  This is always a fun and well attended event.  RSVP by 9/6/2019.

9/05/19 - API Wizard will be at Oracle Open World 2019 - September 15-20th

API Wizard will be exhibiting at Oracle Open World.  Come and see us there!    

9/04/19 - API Wizard fall webinar series released

Our fall webinars include two general overview sessions, where you can see API Wizard work across a broad range of processes in multiple functional areas, as well as targeted webinars for Finance, Supply Chain and Order Management, Manufacturing, and HR.  To register, please go to our Events page.

8/16/19 - EBS version 12.2.9 now available from Oracle - API Wizard already compatible

Oracle announced today that EBS version 12.2.9 is now available for general release.  API Wizard has already completed its 12.2.9 testing and confirmed that it is fully compatible, so there are no API Wizard patches required to move from your current EBS version to 12.2.9.  This release includes new APIs in areas like HR, Trading Partners, Language settings, Attachments, among others.  API Wizard's dynamic API metadata introspection means that you never have to patch API Wizard to leverage new APIs provided in Oracle upgrades!

7/20/19 - API Wizard re-releases updated EBS User and Responsibility processes

API Wizard has updated its EBS User and Responsibility processes with the ability to reset user passwords, create and update users, create and update responsibilities, and assign and revoke responsibilities.  For organizations looking to streamline their FND tasks, request this from your API Wizard rep or from API Wizard support.

6/03/19 - API Wizard moves Support and Service to Zendesk to enhance customer experience

API Wizard is now using Zendesk, the leader in customer service help desk software, to provide our customers best-in-class support and service.  Support and service requests can continue to me made via email ( or  We are in the process of migrating knowledge base articles to Zendesk so that customers can easily search for any information they need, which will include user guides, training videos, and much more.

5/9/19 - API Wizard Spring Newsletter sent to customers

Our Spring newsletter went out this week with information on our latest new features, customer use cases, new training sessions, and more.  If you didn't receive this newsletter but you'd like to, please let us know!

4/15/19 - API Wizard customers Rackspace and OFS Brands present on their use of API Wizard at OAUG Collaborate 2019

API Wizard customer Rackspace, a leader in cloud computing and managed services, presented on how they used API Wizard to expedite the integration of a recent acquisition, helping them meet a very tight timeline, and how their use of API Wizard has grown over the course of the last year to include many different functional areas of Oracle EBS. 

API Wizard customer OFS Brands, a family owned, community-driven company providing furniture and logistics solutions in workplace, healthcare, education and government markets across the world, presented on how they greatly streamlined their Discrete WIP scheduling using API Wizard.  This was a reprise of the presentation given during the 2018 Collaborate conference.

3/15/19 - API Wizard has Pole Position at OAUG Collaborate Exhibitor Showcase in San Antonio, Texas - April 7 - 11

API Wizard has pole position at the OAUG Collaborate Exhibitor Showcase.  If you're attending, just walk down the main aisle - we've got the first booth on the right!  You can't miss us!!!  For more information, please go to our Events page.

1/8/19 - API Wizard Posts New Webinars for February

Four new webinars have been posted for February showcasing how API Wizard is used to process Customers, AP Invoices, Oracle Inventory, and Oracle HR.  There is also a general introduction webinar scheduled for 1/16/2019.  For more information, please go to our Events page.


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