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Hundreds of Oracle customers choose API Wizard over Web ADI

Excel User Interface for Oracle EBS

Faster, easier, better features, and more dependable than Web ADI

Works with Oracle EBS 11i and R12

Works with any Excel version, including Office 365


High Level - Why API Wizard rather than Web ADI? 

  • Works with any Oracle EBS version (11i and R12)

  • Over 150 prebuilt processes, in addition to journal entries

  • Works with any version of Excel, including Office 365

  • Works with latest Windows and Excel security patching

  • Loads data faster and is easier to use

  • Format to users' preferences with configurable interface

  • No size limit - can process hundreds of thousands of  lines quickly

  • Extract existing data out of Oracle

  • Run reports including account balances and many others

  • Strong ROI based on significant time savings

Example of an GL Journal Loader

JE Loader.png

Next Steps 

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