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Developing in Web ADI?

API Wizard provides a better, easier, and more powerful development environment.

Stop wasting your valuable time

developing in Web ADI

Use the next-generation application

for Excel integration

No programming needed!

​API Wizard Highlights for Developers:

  • Much easier than working in Web ADI

  • More features for rapid development and creating better solutions

  • Build fully functional Loaders in minutes not hours or days

  • Works with Public APIs, Private APIs, Custom APIs, Interface Tables, Base Tables


  • 150+ prebuilt processes let's you get immediate ROI

  • Can perform data entry, updating, and reporting (with drilldown) in Excel

  • Supports all Oracle and Excel versions

  • Can be fully automated

  • Supports all datatypes, including record and table types, clobs, blobs, etc.

  • Full transaction control (commit / rollback / leave pending)

  • Data cleansing and transformation routines

  • Interactive or bulk loading

  • Workflow to link processes together

  • More!

Example of an API Wizard Loader

items 03.jpg

Next Steps 

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