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Don't waste time developing in Web ADI

Use API Wizard instead!

Configure, provision, and deploy API Wizard Excel Solutions

in a fraction of the time it takes to work with Web ADI

Generate feature-rich, user friendly Excel interfaces that people

like much better than Oracle tools and forms

Use the Excel to Oracle solutions we've already created...

> 150 prebuilt API Wizard Excel Loaders for use across Oracle EBS

Modify provided Loaders in minutes, without programming

... Or setup your own

Point and click to rapidly configure any Oracle business process enhancements

Streamline data creation and updating in all Oracle functional areas

With API Wizard,

Oracle Business Users

Oracle I.T. Professionals

Do their Oracle data work in Excel

FAST                                  100% Accurate

Provide flexible Oracle solutions in less time

Tackle Oracle data projects with less effort

Maintain complete control over business process integrity and data security

API Wizard



API Wizard

Oracle Gold


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