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Schedule a demo session with API Wizard to see how API Wizard can help you enter your AR invoices into Oracle EBS more quickly and accurately using Excel! Fast AR processing means your company will be stronger and you may be recognized for your efficient data collection and processing. 

As an added benefit, API Wizard would like to treat you to lunch -perhaps while you attend the demo—again saving you time and money!  API Wizard will send you a $25 gift card of your choice to buy you lunch!

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  • Tired of manually keying AR invoices into EBS

  • Tired of data entry errors?

  • Tired of navigating through several forms to process a single invoice?

  • Tired of needing IT assistance for simple data entry tasks?

  • Tired of babysitting data loads?

EBS Customers process 1000's of invoices in minutes using API Wizard to load AR Invoices into Oracle through Excel.  Find out how you can too!

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