Create and Maintain EBS Blanket POs

Use API Wizard to quickly and easily create and maintain Oracle EBS Blanket POs.

Work that takes hours in the Oracle forms can be done in minutes!  Stop toiling in the Oracle forms and do your Oracle EBS work the smart and easy way!

High Level Overview of Blanket PO Process: 

  • Create and update Blanket Purchase Orders

  • Create Price Breaks

  • Download existing Blanket Purchase Orders

  • Process unlimited number of Blanket POs

  • Process unlimited number of Lines

  • Process unlimited number of Price Breaks

  • Enforces full Oracle validation - same as if working in Oracle forms

  • Supports additional business specific validations

  • Works with all flexfields

  • Works with attachments (text and binary)

  • Handles ANY Blanket PO requirement!


Watch video below to see the API Wizard Blanket Purchase Order process in action

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