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Solve Oracle Data Processing Bottlenecks

Shipping and Transportation organizations simplify

Oracle work with API Wizard's Excel tools


Transform your Oracle Data Entry processes

Why Choose API Wizard?

  • Industry Expertise: Some of the world's biggest shipping and transportation companies use API Wizard every day

  • Streamline Data Entry: Faster and easier data entry for any Oracle process

  • Save Time and Resources: Free up your team to focus on strategic tasks instead of manual data entry

  • Ensure Data Accuracy: Improve data integrity with robust validation and error correction features

How API Wizard works

  • Seamless Integration: Easily integrates with Oracle EBS and Oracle Fusion Cloud Apps.

  • Excel-Based Interface: Use familiar Excel tools to create and update data efficiently

  • Real-Time Updates: Ensure data accuracy with real-time synchronization and validation

  • Customizable Solutions: Tailor API Wizard to fit your specific business needs and workflows.


Examples of what API Wizard can do

API Wizard products for Oracle General Ledger 

Journal Entries

Enter journal entries easier and faster using API Wizard's journal entry Loader.  Work with a single journal or process several batches and journals simultaneously.


Enter your budgets using API Wizard quickly and easily.  Allow cost-center managers the ability to easily load, review, and adjust budget details.

Exchange Rates

Load exchange rates and historical exchange rates for any currency quickly and easily.​

Code Combinations

Easily create, modify, activate, and inactivate code combinations.

Value Set Values

Easily create, modify, activate, and inactivate value set values, including segment values for your chart of accounts


Use API Wizard to report on any financial data within the ease and convenience of Microsoft Excel.  Refresh reports in real-time with the click of a button, ensuring that users always have the most recent, current information.

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