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API Wizard provides significant advantages over Data Loaders

Everyone knows that Data Loader​s are better than entering data manually in the Oracle forms.  But, like any keystroke emulator, there are challenges.

API Wizard provides a comprehensive, enterprise class Excel-based user interface for performing any Oracle EBS and Oracle Cloud Apps (Fusion) process, without the drawbacks of keystroke emulators by working with Oracle's supported integration points.

Why API Wizard over Data Loaders? 

No 'babysitting'



Excel UI

Html forms


No scripts



Doesn't need to be 'watched' for errors, works consistently

Significantly faster, minimally 10x and oftentimes 100x faster​

No confusing scripts and syntax, just simple Excel 

Supports data entry, updates, and reporting

Works great with processes that use html or standard forms​

Works with both text and binary attachments (PDFs, images, etc)

Works 'out of the box', no time required to build and test loading scripts

Full reporting module with perfectly aligned Excel output

Same as if working in Oracle forms plus business specific validation

Example of an AR Invoice Loader in API Wizard

AR Invoices.jpg

Governance and Control 

  • Users login with Oracle or SSO credentials

  • All access controlled with responsibilities / roles

  • Follows all Oracle security rules

  • Uses public APIs and Open Interfaces - 100% supported by Oracle​

  • All records indicate who created (Created By) and last updated (Last Updated By)

  • Detailed Auditing allows capture of all data changes

Next Steps 

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