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Integrating Excel with Apex?

Don't use excel2collection

Use API Wizard

Why use API Wizard with Excel2Connection for Apex? 


Developers spent countless errors on getting Excel2Connection to work and yet the final user solution is only mediocre.

For the same task, API Wizard development time is 1/10 of Excel2Connection and the final solution is far superior in terms of usability, flexibility, and user acceptance.

API Wizard is the ultimate development environment for Excel-based user interface solutions for Oracle.

  • Provides high volume data creation and updates that aren't possible in Apex

  • Supports data loads ranging from dozens to hundreds of thousands of records

  • Excel User Interface is powerful, yet simple and intuitive

  • Work that takes hours in Apex forms can be done in minutes using API Wizard

  • API Wizard has the ability and flexibility to work with any Oracle process

  • Works with tables, views, PL/SQL procedures, and more

  • Supports PL/SQL record and table-types, hierarchical data, binary objects (like loading PDFs, images, etc)

  • Rapidly generate Loaders (Excel worksheets for data processing) with simple, GUI development environment.  Way easier than developing in Apex.  See more info about that here.

Example of an API Wizard Loader

items 03.jpg

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