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API Wizard Finance Processes

Perform all key finance processes in API Wizard in the following modules: General Ledger, Payables, Fixed Assets, Receivables, and Cash Management

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API Wizard makes it easy to perform all of your financial processes with faster and more accurately.  Our suite of pre-built financial process Loaders cover the entire financial suite and provide the power and flexibility to meet any requirement.  A brief overview of common processes follows.  Keep in mind that all API Wizard Loaders include our core functionality:

  • Create and Maintain data

  • Extract reports for all update activities

  • Support for descriptive flexfields

  • Support for attachments - both text and binary (i.e. files)

  • Oracle standard validations

  • API Wizard validations

  • Pre-validation engine to easily add company-specific validations

  • Fastest possible performance for extracting and loading data

  • Granular control over who can perform which activities

General Ledger

Journal Entries

The easiest and fastest way to load journal entries, including the ability to load journals across SOBs in one spreadsheet.  It's so fast, you can load hundreds of thousands of lines in minutes!  Leverage formulas to ease data entry and check balances before loading.


Load, extract, modify, and reload budgets as needed through your planning process.  The API Wizard GL Budget Loader makes the budget process easier.  Integrate API Wizard with third-party budgeting tools for loading to Oracle.

Exchange Rates

Load exchange rates and historical exchange rates for any currency quickly and easily.

Code Combinations

Easily create, modify, and inactivate code combinations.  

Value Set Values

Easily create, modify, and inactivate value set values, including segment values for your Chart of Accounts.

Payables (AP)

AP Invoices

Enter standard invoices, invoices against purchase orders, project invoices - anything you can enter in the Oracle forms, quickly and easily.  Submit individual invoices or batch invoices.  Integrates into any existing approval workflow or leverage the API Wizard workflow engine for even more control.


Supplier Entry and Maintenance


Create and update Suppliers, Supplier Sites, Contacts, and Supplier Banks.  Easily manage suppliers with multiple sites as well as sites across multiple operating units.  Greatly simplifies supplier entry by moving all supplier, site, and bank attributes to a single Excel worksheet, rather than the myriad of tabs in the Oracle supplier forms.

Inactive Suppliers and Sites

The Inactivate Supplier and Sites Loader makes it easy to inactivate suppliers that you no longer do business with.  Enter an inactivity timeframe to identify suppliers and sites without invoices, payments, purchase orders, or requisition lines during that period.

Distribution Sets

Easily create and update AP Distribution Sets.  Greatly simplifies the entry of complex distribution sets.

AP Aging Report

Review open invoices and view remaining amounts by aging buckets.  Drill up for supplier or site summary and drill down for invoice details.

Fixed Assets


Easily create Asset Additions.  All Addition information can be entered in a single worksheet, dramatically reducing the time and effort associated with creating assets.  Can automatically add assets created in a financial book to a tax book.

Tax Additions

Tax additions can either be automatically loaded when creating the initial addition or can be added afterwards.

Mass Additions

Clean​ up Mass Additions, enter missing data, etc. in Excel and then easily load changes to Oracle.  A huge time saver if Mass Additions imported from other modules need cleanup before asset creation.

Asset Adjustments

Extract Assets from any Asset Book, make the required changes, and easily load those changes back into Oracle.  Works with both descriptive and financial changes.  

Asset Reclassifications

Easily reclassify assets to new categories.

Asset Revaluations

Manage asset revaluations, even across multiple Asset Books, in a single Excel worksheet.

Asset Transfers

Easily transfer assets between accounts, employees, and locations.  Works with both single and multi-unit assets.  

Asset Retirements

Easily retire assets.  Enter any necessary information such as proceeds of sale or cost of removal.

Asset Reinstatements

Incorrectly retired an Asset?  No problem, use the Asset Reinstatement Loader to reinstate it.  

Unplanned Depreciation

Add unplanned depreciation against a single asset or set of assets quickly and efficiently.


Capitalize CIP

Easily capitalize your Construction in Process assets

Receivables (AR)

AR Invoices

Enter and update multiple invoices and invoice lines.  Optionally enter line distributions or let AR default them.  


Enter and update Customers at all levels - party, accounts, party sites, account sites, and site ​users.  Enter and maintain related parties, related customers, customer banks, and more.


Enter, apply, and unapply receipts against transactions.  ​Additionally, create and maintain receipt write-offs and miscellaneous receipts.


Create invoice level adjustments like bad-debt write-offs as well as ​line-level adjustments.

Collections Notes

Easily enter and update collection notes for Accounts and Invoices.

AR Aging Report

Review open invoices and view remaining amounts by aging buckets.  Drill up for customer summary, view open invoices by salesperson, drill down for invoice details, and more.

Cash Management

Bank Statements

Easily load bank statements.

Financial Processes Summary

To learn more about these processes, as well as other things you can do with API Wizard, please contact us to see a demo or talk through your requirements.

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