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Create and Maintain Oracle Items


Use API Wizard to quickly and easily create and maintain Oracle Items, including master and child orgs item attributes, item categories, item catalogs, item costs, item cross references, physical inventories, and more.

API Wizard makes it easy to perform any Oracle EBS or Oracle Cloud Apps (Fusion) Inventory process.  Work that takes hours in the Oracle forms can be done in minutes!  Stop toiling in the Oracle forms and do your Oracle inventory work the smart and easy way!

High Level Overview of Items Processes: 

  • Create and update any of the following inventory tasks in master and child orgs:

    • Item attributes, Item categories, Item category codes, Item catalogs, Item costs, Item pricesItem cross references, Item subinventories, Mfg part numbers, Physical inventory entry, update, and manager approvals, ABC assignments, Material / Miscellaneous transactions (issues and receipts), Subinventory transfers, Sourcing rule, Approved supplier lists, and more!

  • Process unlimited number of records

  • Enforces full Oracle validation - same as if working in Oracle forms

  • Works with all flexfields

  • Works with attachments

  • Can perform any Oracle inventory / item process!

items 03.jpg

Governance and Control 

  • Users login with Oracle or SSO credentials

  • All access controlled with responsibilities / roles

  • Follows all Oracle security rules

  • All data processing through Oracle Public (supported) APIs

    • Example of APIs used:

    • 100% supported by Oracle​

  • All records indicate who created (Created By) and last updated (Last Updated By)

  • Detailed Auditing allows capture of all data changes

Next Steps 

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