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Middleware Connect™

API Wizard Middleware Connect is the fully automated solution for loading data from external sources into Oracle EBS. 

Load from Cloud apps, other applications and databases, delimited text files (like CSVs), etc.  


Automated data processing is the ultimate in efficiency.


API Wizard Middleware Connect 01.png

Key Middleware Connect™ Capabilities

Fully Automated

Pre-built Integrations

No coding

Data Accuracy

Duplication Avoidance

Additional Validation


Character Cleansing

Security and Control

Audit Trail

Unlimited input sources

Unlimited configurations

Quick setup


Fully Supported

100% automated - no human intervention needed

Over 150 pre-built integrations

No coding - automatically works with any Oracle process

All standard Oracle EBS validations - reports any errors

Superior data duplication avoidance, including fuzzy logic

Seamlessly integrates business rule validations

Easily transform data with automated rules

Remove unwanted characters, such as spaces, tabs, etc

Follows EBS security and allows more granular control

Advanced auditing options available

Import from any source

All processes can accept data from multiple configurations

Can be deployed in less than one day

24/7 support available from API Wizard help-desk

Why are users spending time on duplicate data entry?

Users in organizations around the world spend time

entering data into Oracle EBS that someone else has already entered in another application.

That's very inefficient.

Common examples include data entered initially by salesreps in CRM system (orders, customers), data transferred from third parties like suppliers (sending AP invoices, supplier address changes, etc), as well as data coming from a multitude of other third-party applications.

Automating the loading of this data is an obvious way for organizations to cut costs and be more efficient.  The traditional problem is that these automated integrations were difficult and expensive to build.

API Wizard Middleware Connect™ solves this by providing a full, comprehensive, cost-effective solution for automating any Oracle data load.

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