Create and Maintain EBS Suppliers



Use API Wizard to quickly and easily create and maintain your Oracle EBS Suppliers (vendors), Supplier Sites, and Bank information using API Wizard's simple Excel user-interface.

Work that takes hours in the Oracle forms can be done in minutes!  Stop toiling in the Oracle forms and do your Oracle EBS work the smart and easy way!

High Level Overview of Supplier Process: 

  • Create and update suppliers, sites, and bank accounts in one Excel worksheet

  • Fuzzy logic ability to find 'similar' suppliers to avoid duplicate entry

  • Create sites across operating units in one worksheet (if user has proper access)

  • Enforce data entry rules such as entering certain fields in all CAPS

  • Process unlimited number of suppliers at one time

  • Process unlimited number of sites per vendor

  • Process unlimited number of banks at any level (supplier, site, address, address/ou) 

  • Enforces full Oracle validation - same as if working in Oracle forms

  • Supports additional business specific validations

  • Works with flexfields, regional fields, etc

  • Can load Supplier and Site Attachments

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Governance and Control 

  • Users login with EBS or SSO credentials

  • All access controlled with EBS responsibilities

  • Follows all Oracle security rules, such as MOAC

  • All data processing through Oracle Public (supported) APIs

    • Primary APIs are: ap_vendor_pub_pkg.create_vendor, ap_vendor_pub_pkg.create_vendor_site, ap_vendor_pub_pkg.update_vendor_public, ap_vendor_pub_pkg.update_vendor_site_public (used to be update_vendor_site)

    • 100% supported by Oracle​

  • All records indicate who created (Created By) and last updated (Last Updated By)

  • Detailed Auditing allows capture of all data changes

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