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Vendor Site Update

Faster, Easier, and More Accurate Oracle Data Entry

API Wizard turns Excel into the ultimate user interface for all of your Oracle work!

Watch videos to learn more about API Wizard

This is a very simple example of using API Wizard for a granular, purpose built process.  API Wizard offers the flexibility to have simple Loaders like this or more full-functionality Loaders depending on your process requirements.

In Oracle EBS, vendor site updates are super-tedious, forcing users to go in an out of vendors, change tabs, use the mouse repeatedly for each record to change.   In this example, see how quickly a vendor site update can be made across a large number of vendor sites in API Wizard!

These videos are examples, there are thousands of processes you can perform in API Wizard!

Enable/Disable GL Code Combinations

In this example, see how we can query up a range of code combinations and then enable or disable them.  Working with a large range of combinations is quick and easy in API Wizard.  Compare this to the Oracle form, which doesn't provide a useful way to filter just the accounts you need to updated, only shows a few accounts at a time, and forces you to click and tab multiple times!  In EBS forms, it's a painful and tedious process.  In API Wizard, it's a breeze.

Fixed Asset Adjustments

In this video, two use cases are presented.  The first is a simple example of just making changes to a couple of fields.  The second is a more involved use case using a Loader which has dozens of fields.  This video highlights the flexibility API Wizard provides to configure a process to your specific requirements.

Other common Fixed Asset processes performed in API Wizard are Additions, Mass Additions, Retirements, Reinstatements, Transfers, Unplanned Depreciation, and more!  Best of all, they are all super easy to use!

Create/Update Suppliers and Supplier Sites

Need an easy way to create and maintain Suppliers and Supplier Sites?  Here it is!  API Wizard makes supplier and supplier site creation and maintenance a breeze.  

In the Oracle forms, this is one of the most tedious processes.  The form layout is confusing, there are many tabs, each with sub-tabs.  It creates a data entry nightmare.  In API Wizard, it's super-simple!!!

Organizations find this process so useful, it often leads to a data cleanup that wasn't possible before API Wizard.

Inventory Items and BOMs

In this example, we will first use API Wizard to create Items (there are tons of options here but that's for another video) and then use those items that we just created to create a new BOM.  

The Item process is so much easier than working in Oracle forms (where you have to pick an inventory org, drill into a form with a dozen tabs).  The BOM process is also vastly superior to Oracle forms, particularly if you have BOMs with more than just a few components, which get unwieldy in Oracle but are easy to work with in API Wizard.

Item Min/Max Update

This example shows how easy it is to make item updates across a range of items and inventory orgs.  In this example, we are updating Min and Max but you can update whichever fields you want and as many or as few fields as you want.  Common mass updates we see customers make are to Default Buyer (when a buyer leaves), item accounting, min/max and other planning fields, descriptive flexfields, item descriptions, and more! 

What ever you need to update, you can do it drastically faster and easier than you can with the Oracle forms!

Create and Update EBS Responsibilities

API Wizard makes working with Oracle EBS user and responsibility functions much easier than working in Oracle forms.  IT help desks can reset Oracle passwords without having the bother of logging into the Oracle forms (a several minute ordeal in and of itself). 


Easily add, activate, or inactivate users and responsibilities.  

Don't let your IT team members be data entry clerks, give them a tool that makes this tedious work easy!

Customer (Vaisala) Testimonial

In this customer testimonial, Vaisala, an environmental and industrial measurement product manufacturer based in Finland, describes the benefits their organization receives using API Wizard and details how they initially started with a 5-user license and a handful of processes and later upgraded to an enterprise license and implemented a global rollout of API Wizard for several EBS business processes.  


The previous videos have primarily focused on data entry and updating, with reporting used primarily for data extractions.  API Wizard reporting is a fully functional reporting solution for Microsoft Excel.  ​

API Wizard reporting allows users to have 'live' Oracle data in Excel and build out simple or complex worksheets and analysis with the ability to easily refresh the data from Oracle at any time.

In addition to the ability to incorporate API Wizard and Oracle EBS data into your spreadsheets, reports can alsopower charts, graphs, and pivot tables.

Looking for a different process?  There are thousands of things you can do in API Wizard. 

Attend a demo or webinar to see your specific areas of interest.

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There are many other things you can do with API Wizard

The samples on this page are meant to provide a high-level overview of what API Wizard can do.  This is a very small subset of API Wizard's functionality.

With over a hundred pre-built processes and thousands of APIs which API Wizard can work with, chances are it can do whatever you want!  

Schedule a demo to see any Oracle EBS process performed better, faster, and more accurately using API Wizard.


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